How to identify the auto parts of various manufacturers

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1.The Accessories of the Original Factory

Factory direct supply 4S shop service station accessories are basically original parts, auto parts market distributor can also get orders from the service station to get the original parts. This kind of accessories is the most safe, and the parts of the original car are consistent with the accessories, accessories or accessories on the packaging have brand labels, anti-counterfeit code, accessories number, high safety performance, long service life, and guarantee. But the drawback is that the price is high, the supply is not enough, and some even need to custermize.

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2.Aftermarket Factory Accessories

The Aftermarket factory parts are basically modeled on the specifications of the original accessories. In general, there is no sign number or brand name, and most of them belong to neutral products. Some also imitate the packaging or labeling of the original parts, but the workmanship is rougher than original one. The lower the price is, the lower the quality is. Such accessories are cheaper, but their life is relatively short, and their quality is Middle.

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3.Brand Accessories

Part of the brand accessories will be authorized by the manufacturer, part of which is to produce accessories for the main engine manufacturer. Some large brand manufacturers are still very reliable in producing accessories, such as some electric spray fittings, lamps and lanterns, chassis accessories, motors and so on. BOSCH, Valeo, Deke, SIEMENS, UMC, Denso, and so on such large brands of large manufacturers of accessories are trustworthy, compared to the original factory accessories have a certain price advantage.



4.Car Dismantling Accessories

 Generally, some auto parts market in Beijing, Guangzhou can be seen. Some are discarded parts from the discarded vehicle, some are retracted by the insurance company and have broken old parts, some of which are taken back from the car and then dismantling the parts without damage. The general appearance of the sheet metal parts use more than the car. The purchase of such parts has risk, but the price space is also larger.

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5.Down-line accessories

The down-line fittings should be in recent years. There are two kinds of channels for this kind of accessories. One is the accessories removed from the test car of the main plant. One is the defective product from the production line of the accessories manufacturer. In theory, the parts of the two sources can be considered as the accessories of the original factory, but the actual quality is such as Why should we see the actual situation of the accessories, there is a certain risk, but the value of utilization is still relatively large.

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